DPMS Screen Saver
for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 9X
(by D-System, 1999-2000)
DPMS Screen Saver can prolong your monitor's lifetime using suspend and stand-by (green, power-saving) modes.

Current version

 Last release: 18th January 2000.

Version: v1.4 (266kB)

DPMS Screen Saver is freeware with full source code, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

What is DPMS Screen Saver?

DPMS stands for Display Power Managment Signaling. Unfortunately, Windows NT lacks of Power Managment support. This screen saver makes possible to use the power saving modes of your monitor under NT. Moreover, the DPMS Screen Saver can use any external screen saver. This feature also prolongs the lifetime of the monitor.


DPMS Screen Saver should work with any DPMS compliant monitor and video card.
DPMS Screen Saver works both on Windows NT and Windows 95/98

Note on NT installation:

On Windows NT, DPMS Screen Saver requires Administrator privileges to install and to remove. See details in the help file.

Previous version

You may download version 0.2 as well. This version uses a small DOS program, called vesa.com to switch to power saving mode. The drawback of this method is that it requires resolution change. Anyway, the vesa.com can be used with Win95/98 as a command line utility to change to power saving mode immediately.